Join Us on Our Journey to a Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) Future

rushing to a V2gov future

A smartphone on wheels.

And more.

That’s how innovators in the automotive and auto tech industries are envisioning cars of the future.

Imagine an intelligent, connected vehicle that communicates with your home heater on a cold, snowy day to ensure the interior is toasty when you walk through the door. A car that preheats your oven so you can start dinner upon arrival. Automobiles that access your front door camera so you can interact with a delivery-person while you’re driving or automatically pay your parking tickets so they can renew your registration without delay.

Or maybe you’re not driving at all. Maybe your autonomous car is transporting you through rush-hour traffic – as you nap.

The New Age of the Car

Our relationship with vehicles is undergoing a revolution. Automakers and tech companies are embracing a connected and autonomous vehicle future that will make the driver experience seamless, as well as have significant consumer and commercial applications.

Furthermore, from the time they’re assembled to when they’re salvaged or junked, vehicles go through countless touch points with government. Consequently, these innovative companies are also enabling a Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) reality in which car-based transactions with government agencies – such as registration fees and renewals, payments for tolls, smog/emissions verifications, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reporting, and parking – will be automated.

If you’ve used electronic toll collection (ETC), you’re already benefiting from V2Gov.

A glance into tomorrow

In the coming years, new technology will render how we currently interact with our vehicles unrecognizable. But before we can complete the journey to an automated car future and seamless driver experience, the auto and tech industries and the federal and state governments must continue to advance connected car technology and eGovernment. Lawmakers must enact legislation that can accommodate smart vehicles and ensure a smooth transition.

The conversation has already begun and as visionary hypotheses become reality—which are approaching faster than many thought or for which they are prepared—they will have to be put into regulated, innovative action.

A Meeting of Automotive Minds is the first and only online forum that brings together auto industry authorities, thought leaders, contributors and regular, everyday drivers to discuss the next horizon in transportation.

How can greater automation of V2Gov transactions ensure better compliance with DMV regulations?

Can the auto industry convince skeptical drivers to embrace driverless cars? If a self-driving car is in an accident, is the vehicle maker or the passenger responsible?

In what ways will intelligent cars affect telematics, onboard diagnostics, infotainment, safety and fuel efficiency, among others?

How will the insurance industry adapt to these dramatic technological changes?

The questions and issues are countless, and the answers are essential information for any driver or passenger. is sparking discussions that will address all of this, and enable you to join the debate.

The future of the automobile is here. Don’t be left in the rearview touchscreen.