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Analyst: Connected Cars Could Save 10,000+ Lives a Year in the U.S.

Thirty-two-thousand people died in auto accidents last year. How many of those deaths could have been prevented by self-driving cars?  To be fair, it’s impossible to know – but experts say, new technologies will dramatically reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on our roads in just a few short years.  Find out more: http://bit.ly/1TFfbNa.

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Why Autonomous Vehicles Are All About Trust – Part 2

Is “trust” really why we can’t make a fast jump to fully-autonomous cars? Should car companies rush into the world of self-driving cars or is it best to go slow on developing and introducing these automated vehicles on our roads? “A sudden changeover from human-driven to autonomous vehicles is simply not realistic no matter what Google and Tesla would like people to believe,” says Navigant Research’s senior research analyst Sam Abuelsamid (@samabuelsamid). This is especially true for carmakers just given the sheer number of past and even recent recall scandals. “The most important thing for companies to do is to avoid rushing the technology into applications where it isn’t ready,” he warns.

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