In-Car Infotainment: Changing the Driving Experience

The automobile of today is digitally enhanced, navigation system ready and virtually self-driving. These advances lead the majority of drivers to expect the same engagement from their cars as they do from their smartphones. That’s why automakers from Fiat-Chrysler (UConnect) to Hyundai (BlueLink) are focused on and offer in-car infotainment systems that keep drivers and […]

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Car Hacking: Safeguarding Your Connected Car

Computer viruses are nothing new. The brutal lessons learned from those who’ve survived them make us more cautious when surfing the digital wave on our devices. But how often do we think of our vehicles as motorized computers? Today’s automobiles include operating systems that provide climate control, fuel efficiency, satellite-based entertainment, automated safety features and […]

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Why the Heads-Up Display is the Best Interface for the Connected Car

Today’s drivers are connected to a constant stream of digital information. In principle, this is a good thing, allowing people to access information like turn-by-turn navigation, speed limit and real-time traffic updates quickly and efficiently. However, these same helpful tools can be a significant source of distraction to a driver—especially those without a heads-up display. […]

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The Safety Implications of a Connected Car

In the age of the connected car, it’s hard to believe that just two centuries ago, Francois Isaac de Rivaz invented the first internal combustion engine that would later fit into an automobile. From Charles Kettering to Ralph Teetor, innovators across the decades have improved upon the original model—adding seat belts, power steering, cruise control, […]

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Imagining Our Automotive Future at the Connected Car Expo

Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged to make Los Angeles a center for connected car technology and innovation. If you can’t live without your smartphone, you definitely won’t be able to live without a “smartphone on wheels.” That’s how visionaries at the Connected Car Expo (CCE) in Los Angeles in November described the automated, connected cars they […]


Ending Gridlock Paves the Road for Connected Vehicles

We’re on the brink of a connected-vehicle revolution. With the proper investments today, we could be right around the corner from a tomorrow in which connected vehicles (CVs) and a network of smart roads and highways bring us a safer, smarter, greener and more economically-productive surface transportation system. CVs are wirelessly connected to the Internet and to […]