Car Hacking: Safeguarding Your Connected Car

Computer viruses are nothing new. The brutal lessons learned from those who’ve survived them make us more cautious when surfing the digital wave on our devices. But how often do we think of our vehicles as motorized computers? Today’s automobiles include operating systems that provide climate control, fuel efficiency, satellite-based entertainment, automated safety features and […]

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Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC): A Path Toward Greater Road Efficiency

In 1945, a blind engineer named Ralph Teetor invented cruise control, the popular automobile feature that most modern citizens can’t live without. Since that time, cruise control systems and their technology have evolved into even “smarter” technologies called adaptive cruise control (ACC). ACC employs radar sensor technology to automatically adjust a vehicle’s speed based on […]

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Challenges Loom for Connected Cars – But None Are Insurmountable

What could slow down the rise of connected cars?  It’s not just the pace of technological innovation.  Lawmakers, dealers, consumers, developers – all will play major roles in the mass adoption of new technologies and rise of a truly smart IoT (Internet of Things).  So what are the 10 greatest hurdles to mass adoption of […]


V2Gov Is Not New, You Just Didn’t Know About It

As smart cars continue to evolve, so too will the infrastructures that will soon be able to directly communicate with these cars. Via vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, every new car on the road will be wirelessly talking with every other new car on the road. With capabilities including the ability to control steering for parking, engaging […]


“Talking” to Connected Cars: The Future of Transportation and V2X/V2V Technology

How “connected cars” are transforming the way we drive and “talk” to other cars, dealers, manufacturers and government agencies.  By Don Armstrong, CEO, Motor Vehicle Software Inc. (MVSC) The term “connected car” seems to be all over the news these days. From CO2 reductions via zero emissions vehicles to a no-accident future with self-driving cars to cybersecurity […]

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