V2Gov.com breaks down the entire multi-layered vehicle-to-government sector into informative, thought-provoking articles that are easy to digest. Launched in 2015 by Vitu, v2gov.com keeps you up-to-date with the innovations and changes in transportation today by highlighting four distinct areas that clearly define this complex world.


Vehicle-to-Government, known as V2Gov, brings eGovernment into the transportation sector, enabling, automating and enhancing vehicle-related transactions.

Connected Cars

From telematics to autonomous vehicles and beyond, a comprehensive look at the rapid rise of connected cars and how new technology is changing the way we travel.


Through technological advances, eGovernment is redefining and streamlining the delivery of public services in ways that will alter your relationship with government and your vehicle.

Auto Legislation

From pre-automobile laws to the future of auto legislation for connected and autonomous cars—and beyond—this comprehensive look at vehicles, government and eGovernment will keep you up-to-date.

V2gov.com is your resource for where the vehicle industry is, was, and will be—inspiring, educating, and prompting discussion.

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